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Control Room

ISFO Control Room

Integrated Special Forces & Operations' state of the art control room that is manned on a full time 24 hour – 365 day basis by trained, dedicated and proficient control room personnel.

ISFO' Control Room conducts the rendering of communication and monitoring services related to:- Radio monitoring utilising VHF- and other Network Range Delimited Radios;- Remote monitoring services such as CCTV video signals, - Alarm signals and Satellite Vehicle Tracking;- Electronic tracking of assets and goods, guard movements and patrols.

ISFO's Control Room personnel are responsible for the correct handling of control room data and information, as a crucial part of the operational functionality, which includes:- The correct deployment of human resources and equipment,- Directing management attention to current and newly developing problems, - Identifying and reporting security problems and breaches,- Rapid reaction of security personnel to security breaches, - Quick response of the correct emergency services to emergency situations.

The Control Room serves as the heart of the company's operations and receives information and data from all of our operations, and ensures that this information it is correctly interpreted; processed and relayed.

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